Social Entrepreneur, Retired Army Captain, Husband, and Personal Trainer.

After a decade in the Canadian Armed Forces, I retired in order to pursue a business which I felt ought to help customers and society at large.

After looking around for the biggest impact I could make most efficiently, I zeroed in on how beneficial exercise and healthy eating could be for society. Simultaneously I was appalled by the fact that less than 18% of Canadians practice the guidelines for activity published by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

With my experience as a leader, coach, entrepreneur, and Captain in the Canadian Army, I decided to found Vitality Fitness and Health in order to solve the issue of exercise motivation in two ways: by promoting a mindest of inclusive exercise, and by delivering the means to exercise by developing an easy-to-use, affordable, portable, and effective resistance training equipment.

It is my wish that people find happiness and health in their future through the motivation I can help them find.

Eric Choi, MBA, RMC, PMP

Certified Personal Trainer

Founder, Vitality Fitness and Health


647 855 1337

Toronto, ON, Canada

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