To maintain a pleasant experience, let us abide by these rules:

1. Length and Format

In-home sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Exercise Motivation Coaching sessions are over the phone, and 30 minutes in duration

2. Promptness

Please be ready to get the most out of your time. Although I will try my best, training times cannot always be extended if we begin late.

3. Cancellations/Modifications

Cancellations or modifications with more than 24 hours notice will not be charged. A full session fee will be charged to clients who cancel or modify the appointment with less than 24 hours notice.

4. Payments

Training sessions are paid for in advance or on the day-of the training. I accept cash, personal cheque, and e-transfer at this time but will be able to accept credit cards soon.

5. Training Location

Training will take place in your home or at a mutually agreed upon training location (i.e. outdoor training or public facility if we can gain admittance). Please ensure you can form at least a 2x2 meter (6x6 foot) open space in your home.

6. Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your session, your session fee will be refunded. Please let me know how I can provide you with better service next time.

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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