The Exercise Equipment Everyone Needs

I have a dream that everyone will squat, deadlift, row, and pushup with my exercise equipment.

We need to squat, deadlift, row, and push against heavy resistance.

Everyone needs to do cardio and strength train. Cardio is great for the cardiovascular system, but strength training is great for mind-muscle connection, muscle building/preservation, and bone building/preservation. Moreover, muscles help us burn more calories all day, even at rest, and are crucial and core to managing unhealthy fat build-up.

But most people skip strength training!

I don't blame them. We generally have access to cardio exercises like brisk walking, running, and cycling, but most people don't have or know how to use strength training equipment.

We need safer strength training equipment that is more welcoming.

People are intimidated by the idea of lifting heavy metal weights in any shape or form. Some people tend to believe that lifting weights does not belong in their lifestyle, even though weight lifting can hugely benefit just about anyone, regardless of race, age, and sex.

We need strength training equipment that can be easily stored and used at home and aren't heavy.

Strength equipment are generally bulky and heavy. That's why people go to the gym/fitness centre to have access to all the strength training equipment. However, this requires us to travel to the gym, have a change of clothes and shower gear ready, and travel back home after our workout. An effective strength training protocol for the average person could take 15-20 minutes, but the entire process becomes a 1 to 2 hour ordeal.

Complexity and perfection is the enemy of good enough.

We need to simplify strength training and reduce the variety of exercises we do, and focus more on actually doing them.

Unless your goal is to become a professional athlete or have a fitness model body, most people would be satisfied with the benefits they get from SLPPing (Squat, deadLift, Pull, Pushup).

The smattering of exercise machines and exercise programs only serve to confuse people more than anything - especially if they aren't exercise enthusiasts/athletes/trainers.

I'm on a journey to invent a safe, inclusive, small, and lightweight strength training tool that allows us to SLPP (Squat, deadLift, Pull, and Pushup) with adequate resistance whenever, and wherever.

Strength training is so vital to human health. I believe an equipment like the above ought to be a basic human right. My goal is to make it affordable relative to all other options available so everyone can have access to high quality and effective strength training for a fraction of the time, effort, complexity, danger, and cost of other alternatives.

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